DARKSPIN. It is physics, it is perception, it is time and space, It’s the dark side, it’s a spin through a void with the lights …

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OPEN WATER, featured vocalsalex photo (445x560 pixels)

22 year old UK based singer and guitarist Alex Grace, the featured vocalist on all the Open water tracks and re-mixes, has always fronted rock bands until recently. Alexs’ unique and powerful vocal and great live performance, has already gained quite a following. Darkspins great new track Open Water is his first featured solo release.


Michael E.(RE-MIXER)
Michael E photo
OPEN WATER chillout remix Darkspin feat’ Alex Grace 2014

We asked Michael lots of nosey ‘ Hello’ type questions which he graciously chose not to answer, but he shared a bit about his background and musical influences with us.

It was in the early 70’s with the Motown era that music began to speak to me in a profound way. I joined various cover bands and toured the Euro/American Navy and Air force bases in Germany, Italy, and Spain playing keyboards and percussion. I started composing my own music too, however as the age of digital recording had not arrived, my compositions were just piano pieces.
In the early 90’s, the Café Del Mar was a big influence and instrumental music began to make inroads into the world’s musical consciousness. Music did not have to be a ‘song’ but could stand alone as an instrumental piece. The difference now being that it was music not wholly played on traditional instruments, but introducing electronica into the mix.
I soon realised I could complete a full arrangement, playing all the parts, and enabling me to conjure up wonderful sounds and explore so many musical different landscapes. I was well and truly hooked and it felt like a new beginning for me.
In 2006, I was finally in a position to dedicate my life to the pursuit of my musical dream. When the chance came along I grasped it wholeheartedly and have never looked back. My first release in the chilled/lounge genre was in 2006, and ever since I have simply made up for lost time, releasing 14 of my own albums, and appearing on over 500 compilations including Café Del Mar, which was a big ambition of mine since they were such a BIG influence, and also the Buddah Bar series. I can be heard on local, and international radio stations in Monaco, France, Belgium, Australia and the US as well as numerous online stations broadcasting from Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. I also present my own radio show on Ocean Chilled Radio every Saturday night at 6PM GMT.


Martin cropped 2013_edit1 445x560

OPEN WATER Deep house club remix.Darkspin feat’Alex Grace 2014

As a DJ, Martin has rocked some of the most recognized dance floors throughout the US, Europe, Central and South America. His visits to Space in Miami, Pacha in Lithuania, Gotica in Peru, Vertigo in Costa Rica, Centrum in Berlin, A-Box in Portugal along with numerous appearances in Guatemala and Mexico have firmly established Martin’s ability to transcend borders with his music. Martin’s latest single “This Is How We Do” is featured on Roger Sanchez’s and Prok & Fitch’s new mix compilations and has had amazing support from world renowned DJs such as Laidback Luke, Bob Sinclar, Robbie Rivera, Mark Knight and the list goes on. Recently he has worked on tracks with world-renowned DJs Nick Terranova (Starkillers), Tom Stephan (Superchumbo), and Austin Leeds. These are exciting times for Martin. Stay tuned as he continues to forge his place within dance music’s elite company with original tunes, remixes and DJ appearances.



OPEN WATER EDM remix. Darkspin feat’ Alex Grace 2014

Is the mysterious UK based producer Archemides the Banksy of Dance music?? Even we don’t know who he is for sure, but with his big floor-filling EDM sound, and gliding euro-synth remixes, it will be hard to stay under the radar for long.