DARKSPIN. It is physics, it is perception, it is time and space, It’s the dark side, it’s a spin through a void with the lights …

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Record labels give artists the tools and support they need to develop deeper and more engaging relationships with their fans.
Whatever changes are rocking the music business today, artists still want to record their music and reach their fans, that’s a given.
Darkspin believes in partnership and collaboration with all our partners… from the writer, singers and musicians, to the producers and remixers to the film makers, and sleeve designers, we all play a part, and we all had to start somewhere.
We are currently running a remixers competition with our partner wavo.me on our track Open water (entries close 22nd December 2104) and are looking for one outstanding remix to release as part of a brand new EP
Please go yo our news page or visit our facebook page for further details
Darkspin will be running future programmes for emerging talent of all kinds, so no matter who you are or where you are, if you are creative and dedicated, and love what you do, and are a band, a singer, a film maker, photographer, designer or painter…subscribe to this site, and you will be the first to know and you could be part of some very exciting collaborative projects that we are planning for 2015.
If you want to get in touch with us, send us a link to your work, or if you have a gig you want to tell us about, please visit the contact page.