DARKSPIN. It is physics, it is perception, it is time and space, It’s the dark side, it’s a spin through a void with the lights …

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When Darkspin started searching for ideas for a cool logo, which epitomised its own ethos of collaboration, sharing and unity through music, it seemed that we had a mountain to climb. Every idea that was presented was rejected, too ordinary, too odd, not relevent etc…We ran it past some of the best brains in the branding business, but nothing spoke to us

Darkspin had started drawing up some different ideas, but kept coming back to the image of a brain. We developed this idea with Mac Mckay, a London based fine artist, and together we came up with interlinked people within the brain, which perfectly catches the Darkspin ethos of thought into music, unity, collaboration and sharing.

The beautiful logo idea was then turned into an amazing piece of art by Mac, which proudly hangs at Darkspin HQ

We will be releasing a limited edition of 50 signed limited edition prints of this artwork which will be available to our Darkspin family, Musical partners, and of course our loyal friends

The image will be at the core of our branding, and will soon feature on our cool T shirts,and other great Darkspin merchandise soon to be available.

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